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Welcome to the collection of sermons, special programs, debates, and Christian Kingdom College Online programs where you can find encouragement and motivation to study the Word of God, set your mind on things above, and grow closer to the Lord.


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Christian Kingdom College Online

Why CKC?


Christian Kingdom College was established to promote Biblical literacy and make Biblical knowledge available to all who desires it. The variety of video, audio, and written materials provide challenging insights in God's word, history, and prophecies. Classes cover fundamental basic teaching aboutand advanced theology. 

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The printed page is still the best way to learn even in this digital age. Our philosophy is to take a subject in the Bible, compile the cross references, and let the scripture interpret itself.  This is why Christian literature will always be productive.  We have a God who writes and expects us to read. God told Moses and the apostle John, "write this down..."  Jesus said, "Moses wrote of me" and also asked "Have you not read..."  So we have a literate God and a literate Christian faith.

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“I am set for the defense of the gospel,” Paul said, (Philippians 1:17.)

How many Christians today are prepared to give a defense of their faith? Giving a defense is critical if we are to evangelize the lost. One of the purposes of the church is to equip the saints for ministry (Ephesians 4). This is military lingo that Paul is using to analogize the Christian faith to military warfare. We need to “get set” so that we can be defenders for Jesus Christ.

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Your support, prayers, and contributions will be poured into sharing the Good News, and will enable us to keep adding new materials to this website, to keep digitizing decades of  the video and audio recordings, to train and send  mission teams and materials abroad and within the US, and  to keep speaking and teaching about God, His plan of salvation, His Son Jesus, the terrible price that was paid for our redemption, about direction for our lives, His promises, His blessings, His love, and His kingdom. Thank you for your dedication and support.

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