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Some “Blood Moon” Facts Revisited by John Doughty

1. “Blood Moon” is a Hebraism, the Old Testament’s (Joel 2:31) description of the coloring effect of a lunar eclipse as the moon passes through the Earth’s umbral shadow. 2. “Four Blood Moons” is not in the Bible, but is called in astronomy a lunar tetrad, which is four total (as opposed to partial) lunar [...]
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Calvinism Debate, Charles Doughty and Andrew Sandlin (partial transcription)

  Thank you, Andrew, for giving us your TULIP patch. There was only one flower in the tulip patch, so what I would like to do is kind of tiptoe through the tulips. First of all, total depravity, and I do want to dismiss with just a few verses of scripture here that the Old [...]
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