The theories of Augustine and John Calvin Historically Traced & Examined in the Light of Scripture by John Doughty, October 11, 2013 The doctrines of Original Sin and Total Hereditary Depravity are accepted by the majority of denominations in so-called Christendom.  Roman Catholics, Greek Orthodox, Anglicans, Lutherans, Presbyterians, Methodists, and some Baptists, to name [...]
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Questions about the Calvinism Debate

Questions and Answers   Let’s pick up the questions and have the men bring them forward and we will go right into the question and answer time with the 2-minute clock. I am going to ask Samuel Redfern from the Homeschool Legal Defense Association if he will govern the 45-minute period. We will just have [...]
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Calvinism Debate, Charles Doughty and Andrew Sandlin (partial transcription)

  Thank you, Andrew, for giving us your TULIP patch. There was only one flower in the tulip patch, so what I would like to do is kind of tiptoe through the tulips. First of all, total depravity, and I do want to dismiss with just a few verses of scripture here that the Old [...]
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