Some “Blood Moon” Facts Revisited by John Doughty

1. “Blood Moon” is a Hebraism, the Old Testament’s (Joel 2:31) description of the coloring effect of a lunar eclipse as the moon passes through the Earth’s umbral shadow.
2. “Four Blood Moons” is not in the Bible, but is called in astronomy a lunar tetrad, which is four total (as opposed to partial) lunar eclipses in a row.
3. Lunar tetrads can not be “signs” because, astronomically speaking, they are not significant. According to EarthSky, there will be eight lunar tetrads in the 21st Century. A Biblical sign, such as a virgin birth, has to be unique and rare to retain its sign value.
4. John Hagee popularized the name “Blood Moon” with his 2013 paperback, predicting that there will be prophetic events of Biblical magnitude in the Middle East during the time of the lunar tetrad.
5. It is absurd for Hagee to make prophetic speculation over the fact that the lunar tetrad will fall on the Passover since the Jewish calendar is based on the lunar cycle. This would be like predicting that Thanksgiving will fall on a Thursday next year.
6. John Hagee seizes on the lunar eclipse, but Joel’s prophecy said there would be a solar eclipse in conjunction with his prophecy of the Holy Spirit being poured out on this great and awesome day of the Lord, Joel 2:31.
7. The apostle Peter pinpoints Joel’s prophecy (Joel 2:17-21) to the events which had just transpired on the Day of Pentecost. Peter pointed to the signs of Acts 2:1-4, the sound of the violent rushing wind, the emblems of fire which rested upon the apostles’ heads, and their intelligible speaking in foreign languages, as the evidence that Joel’s prophecy was fulfilled, that the Holy Spirit has been poured out upon the Earth.
8. Peter said, “this is what was spoken of through the prophet Joel:” (Acts 2:16). THIS IS WHAT!!
9. John Hagee, p. 18, quotes Peter in Acts 2:19-20 about the signs of “blood, fire, smoke, sun, and moon,” but he conveniently leaves out Peter’s “this is what” (verse 16), and he also leaves out vss. 17-18 about the Holy Spirit being poured out. Why? Because every Bible student knows that the Holy Spirit was poured out on the day of Pentecost, Acts 2.
10. Hagee rejects the biblical fact that the Kingdom of God began on the day of Pentecost, Mt. 16:18-19, Acts 1:6-8. He puts it into a millennial future.
11. Jesus said the kingdom does not come with signs and observations. It is a spiritual kingdom comprised of called out believers. Luke 17:20-21: “Now having been questioned by the Pharisees as to when the kingdom of God was coming, He answered them and said, “The kingdom of God is not coming with signs to be observed; 21 nor will they say, ‘Look, here it is!’ or, ‘There it is!’ For behold, the kingdom of God is in your midst.”
12. Jesus is only coming twice, the first time to deal with sin [on the cross], the second time to take us to heaven. Hebrews 9:28.
13. The last enemy that Jesus will destroy is not the antichrist, harlot, beast, or boogeyman; it is “death,” 1 Cor. 15:25-26, this is because the Second Coming is the resurrection of the dead, 1 Cor. 15:23-27.
14. The Second Coming of Christ is the “end” (1 Cor. 15:24) NOT the beginning.
15. The church is the kingdom. Col. 1:13, Rev. 1:6.
The New Covenant (Law of Christ) eclipsed the Old Covenant (Law of Moses), 2 Cor. 3:10.. The law was a “shadow” but Christ is the “substance.” Col. 2:17.
Isaiah 60:19-22
19“No longer will you have the sun for light by day,
Nor for brightness will the moon give you light;
But you will have the LORD for an everlasting light,
And your God for your glory.
20“Your sun will no longer set,
Nor will your moon wane;
For you will have the LORD for an everlasting light,
And the days of your mourning will be over.
21“Then all your people will be righteous;
They will possess the land forever,
The branch of My planting,
The work of My hands,
That I may be glorified.
22“The smallest one will become a clan,
And the least one a mighty nation.
I, the LORD, will hasten it in its time.”

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