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This book, “Revelation Rainbow” is the end of a forty-year quest by the author to find answers to the questions generated by Biblically un-informed scholarship that shrouds rather than unveils the great truths of this Holy Spirit directed work of our Lord. Hundreds of students of Revelation have been left in a bewildered state because certain scholars approach the book with a human mindset, instead of a Spirit led mindset. Instead of looking at Revelation as The Divine apocalypse, they try to humanize and literalize the book as a study of human secular history leaving the student with a complicated scheme of things that do not make sense.

Having met these students, Mr. Doughty was greatly distressed to see them turn from God’s Word (especially Revelation) altogether. Subjects like the Antichrist, Millennium, Mark of the Best, Rapture, Tribulation and “Left Behind” are just some of the end-time twists causing confusion.

APPEAL FROM THE AUTHOR: I humbly confess that when I attended Kentucky Christian College in 1960, I was also one of those “Biblically un-informed” self-professed scholars that had all of the answers, only to discover that just about everything I taught in regard to this Divine Revelation was in error. I decided to start over. I took a five-year hiatus from the Book and started to examine some of the characteristics making Revelation different from other New Testament books. I labored indefatigably to ascertain the historicity of Biblical wars that are referred to in this Book, along with Numerology, Beast ology, Apocalyptic Old Testament Books, Hermeneutics, Parallelisms (Biblical Recapitulation) and the history of the Roman Empire and her Caesars. The more I studied, the greater I saw my need for repentance for my ignorance. I realized that I would have to know what was taught by contemporary scholars and expose the obvious weaknesses of their theories and then write what I consider Christ’s final Word on the subject.

Because my state of entry into this work was fraught with the agony of ignorance, this by no means should discourage you, as a reader from entering a spirit filled quest of the truths of this “Blessed Book.” God wants us to “Pray for wisdom” (Ja 1:5), and Jesus said, “Let him who has wisdom figure out the name” (Re 13:18).

Dear reader, you are in for a real t

reat. Your heart will be enchanted and excited with the sublimity of the seven cycles, the splendor and majesty of Heaven’s doxological praises, the dramatic power the heavenly pictures hold over the spiritual mind, and of course the glory Hallelujah consummation after Christ subdues all things and delivers them to The Father.

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