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This page is under construction, but you can still use it while we are compiling and uploading all the videos that we’ve recorded through the years.  Use these classes for the glory of God and support our ministry as God blesses you. Thank you

  • Spring 2017, Hermeneutics:
  • Fall 2015, The Book of Hebrews:
  • Spring 2015, Angels and Demons:
  • Fall 2014: Revelation III:



  • Spring 2014: REVELATION II

Watch this video on YouTube.
  • Fall 2013: Revelation I

Watch this video on YouTube.
  • Spring 2012, Hermeneutics:
  • Spring 2011, Biblical Anthropology:
  • Fall 2011, The Kingdom of God:
  • Spring 2010, The Book of Hebrews:
  • Fall 2010, The Holy Spirit:
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