January 16, 2002

“I fight as one who does not beat the air” (1 Cor. 9:6)

If it were a prizefight here is how I would assess it. Wilson only has one style.  He has one basic sermon. He came to preach that sermon, and then tack on a few postscripts that really have to do with what we were there to debate.  Doug Hardman said he had a tape of the same sermon preached almost word for word, 20 years ago.  So my opponent was extremely one dimensional.  If we gave him a pair of 12-ounce gloves he would fight at best like a washerwoman.  A novice, first fighter would have his head in a bucket after two rounds.  This, by the way coming after the man boasted in a tape of his vice like grip and not knowing his own strength.  Call Brother Lanier at Bellbrook Christian for more information on Wilson’s braggart ego-complex  of self imagined super human strength.  The super human race he raised up is physical as well as morally perfect.  We would gather such by listening to the tape.  Wilson says in tape also, “Jesus was only perfect for three years.”  Wilson even has Jesus beat on that one.


So he preached it for the first 45 minutes. Everyone there knew he had it memorized.  The sermon is Wilson’s futile attempt to subject the Gospel message to his view of it being a Christ in glory Gospel that is so much greater than the four fold Gospel and Apostles Doctrine that actually supercedes it.  He bases his conclusions ultimately on two texts, “The Gospel of the glory of Christ” (2 Cor. 3:18) which can also be translated “The glorious Gospel of Christ” and Christ exaltation to glory in I Tim. 3:16.  He plays hard on the Romans 5:10 “much more,” as though the life of Christ in Heaven does away with the events of His birth, life, ministry, death, burial and resurrection.  In accordance with this way of thinking about all He does on the throne is shared His glory and perfection with His sinless saints.  Nothing is said about Him as mediator, advocate or intercessor.


That Christ is on the throne cannot be denied, but His most popular view is not that of a glory giving King, but “The lamb on the throne.”  LAMB ON THE THRONE DOES NOT SUIT WILSON’S FANCY VERY WELL, since he wants us to get away from the Cross and into this glory syndrome, a lamb on the throne still bearing the scars of one having been slain for our sins, does not help his cause at all.


There can be no doubt the perfectionist cult mentality experienced a piercing of the heart, not the kind of Acts 2:37, but the cutting of the heart in Acts 7:54.  When they heard the accusation of being Christ killers, those of the primitive church experienced deep anxiety, perplexity and contrition.  These hardened hearts that just 50 days previous were unmoved by the actual prodigies and miracles surrounding the horrible scenes at Golgotha were now moved to repentance by the power of the glorious Gospel of Christ.  And it is this same Glorious Gospel that is still the same power of God unto salvation today.  They too, were self-righteous cultist, more obedient to their cult fathers than to Yahweh.  But The Glorious Gospel pierced the heart, a mortal wound, that like Paul said later produced such commotion and agony of soul that “I died,” (Rom. 7:9).  When a heart is pierced in this manner, all my good opinion of self, and all confidence in myself fail me.

A rent heart (Joel 2:13), a broken and crushed heart (Psa. 51:117) and a heart that turns from sin is exactly what is intimated here in Acts 2:37.  Alas, I do not find that among the perfectionist cults.  They are pierced in heart in anguish of anger toward the minister who declares the glorious Gospel of the blood atonement of the cross and all it represents.  They do not see the cross as the place where the world is crucified to me, and I unto the world.  It is not their glory.  The Lord’s Supper does not draw them to the blood covenant death of Christ in sacred remembrance.  It is really a wonder that they take the Covenant Supper at all!  If I saw anything that evening of January 8, 2002; it was the attitude exhibited in Acts 7:54.  Can I pray, “Father, lay not this sin to their charge.” or “Forgive them, they know not what they do?” or is this a willful tramping of the Son of God under foot, and treating as unholy the blood of the covenant that sanctifies, and insult the Spirit of grace?

If we go on sinning, habitually in willful sin, there is no more sacrifice for it; but if a person refuses imputed righteousness, that soul sets himself squarely in the pathway of an angry God, and His vengeance.  When we see the contempt displayed by perfectionists for the blood atoning cross of Christ, it is not only inexcusable for those who call themselves Christians, it is a head strong attitude that will collide head on with Gods holy wrath that is only satisfied by the eternally imputed righteousness of the blood atonement they want to either scratch from or minimize in God’s eternal scheme of redemption.

I went first.  The prosecutor has the burden of proof.  I wanted to keep him on the ropes through out the whole evening.  I was able to accomplish that.  I had 42 power point slides, 30 of which were unscriptural teachings we found in his tapes and booklets.  He had my 400-page book on the subject and never once referred to a subject or excerpt that he could find in my writings.  I honestly hoped he would. I could then correct the errors for future publication.

I also realized that if he could not answer my indictments from Scripture he would have to be disfellowshipped.  This was not a matter to be handled lightly.  If indeed he taught the Adoptionist theory, the ultimate glory before the time, the eradication of the human, the fact that the churches of Christ-Christian are anti-Christ, neo-Calvinist Gnostic, and the death, burial and resurrection are not enough to qualify for the Gospel definition, then the man is indeed an enemy of the cross.  He should not be a part of such a group that he hates so much and feels has apostatized so much that in his own words that evening are nothing but the dry bones of Ezekiel.

Let him join the Wesleyans, the Holiness, or Nazarene denominations where he should feel right at home because they have creeds that express the eradication of the carnal man a whole lot better than he could ever express.  What of their stand on baptism?  Wilson need not worry about that for he does not baptize many while he is trying to steal another man’s sheep, and if he thinks these denominations have no regard for communion, why should he be bothered, an absolutely perfect man has no need of it, and in his own words he does not examine himself at the table, he examines other peoples sins.  In the light of the words “weak, sickly and some sleep”, connected with one revealing such disdain for The Body and refusing to examine himself, it is a wonder God does not kill the man.

If you think this to be a little harsh, remember the Prophets Elijah and Elisha.  Remember how Peter dealt with Ananias and Sapphira, Simon the Sorcerer, Elymas the hinderer, Alexander the coppersmith, Philetus, Hymenaeus, Demetrius, Diotrephes and the way Jesus Christ told the church to deal with Baalism, Nicolaitanism, and Jezebel.  Remember John the Baptists, and how that Christ’s ministry so resembled that of John and Elijah, most of the people thought Christ was some kind of re-incarnation of them.  None of these were wimpy, mealy-mouthed cream puffs who in the name of false love refused to tell the truth, or rebuke false prophets.  Remember also, that in lieu of the perfectionist cult’s attaining of sinlessness by imaging it in their mind, the last word to the church of Christ from King Messiah is not “Go into the world.” as important as that may be, but rather “REPENT!” (Rev.2:5,2:16,21,22,3:33,19).

If he hates the church of Christ, Christian Restoration so intensely, why in the world does he show up, uninvited at the clinics, rallies, camp meetings and congregations at his leisure he calls ministry?  I knew this debate would not be final until it morphed into a trial.  Since Wilson runs off any one who questions him, and since he has the obscene luxury of being the only Elder in his congregation (which he is, whether he calls himself an evangelist or not), Wilson has never had the luxury we evangelist’s of Christ have had in giving answers in conduct and life to our elders.  The Elders of The Church of Christ at Mountain View (Jim McFarland, Vernon Barton, Chris Straley, Robert Pifer, Alfred Armel), Professor of Greek and Homiletics, Richard Rexrode, Professor of Apologetics, Jeffery Wickert, and fellow Evangelists Doug Hardman, Jason Lykins and myself agreed that since Jay Wilson was unable to give Scriptural response to the indictments made during the debate, we have decided to cut off all fellowship with him, as well as those who are his blind disciples.  Evangelists Vernon Russell, Danny Vanscoy and the Elders of the Hilliard Church of Christ have also followed suit in this matter of disfellowship.  The Elder, Gerry Chubb, who served as Moderator had to warn Wilson’s unruly crowd for unbecoming behavior that was not only uncharacteristic for a civilized debate, but more so for a professed Christian.  What is unbelievable is that just moments after the warning his gullible cohorts (who try to blot out the sun with their big thumb) started clapping their paws together when Wilson got up to speak.  He had not even said a word, and they were making noise with the palms of their hands in direct defiance of the Elder’s admonition to remain silent until the end of the debate.  I thought the  Pavlov’s effect was only for animals.  No wonder Wilson hates Elders.  His people have been trained well.  They would not respect those who have the rule over them if the Holy Spirit Himself called them to the flock.




I fought a man in Huntington W.Va.  I drove him into the ropes and held him there until he went out.  Wilson reminded me a lot of this guy.  He wasn’t in very good shape.  A couple of body blows and he brayed like a wounded mule.  He did not answer one of my punches, although he did land a few low blows.  He put his head down like a woman would do, and began to swing his arms like a windmill.  Not one punch landed.  Wilson threw so many punches he was out of breath.  It is a shame he could not score points.

However, I must confess that the cheer leading section he brought did him far greater service than his presentation.  In fact without their exaggerated emphasis and blind acceptance of his unscriptural proposals Wilson would have left that night with an empty bag.  They were able to fill it with hot air.  The Columbus people and even those who were friends to Wilson were horrified at the uncivilized behavior of the Wilson people.  It is obvious none of them had ever heard of the rules of debate and the ethical principles that should govern rational people in such a setting.  They moaned, groaned, rolled their eyes, threw their heads and arms back and through the use of uncharitable antics and tactics outdid Al Gore in his debate with George Bush.  The “perfect cult” consists mostly of younger men and women.  The older ones get out of it.  But what older ones were there did act more civil and they will probably leave the cult when they recall the bitter memories of how sacrilegious their fellow cult members behaved that night.  It really did not bother me at all, but if this is perfection, spare me some of it.  The only good thing is that those who were not of that unruly, motley crowd saw the fruit of the one-dimensional teaching on absolute perfection and how ugly people act towards those who disagree.

For those who have a true Remnant-Restoration schematic, everything we believe can be wrapped up in one expression, “APOSTOLIC!” Jesus said that they will sit on the thrones.  They are the foundations of the Heavenly city.  They judge both the Old and New Testament people by the writings of their more sure word of prophecy.  The man who video-taped the debate, Remington Cussen said, “I do not think the guy knows much about Apostles Doctrine,” speaking of Wilson.

It is pretty obvious that Christ entrusted the pattern of His on going congregation to the Spirit inspired writings of The Apostolic Codex-Covenant.  Paul uses the word  “kyroo” which like a legal codicil confirms, validates and establishes the covenant beyond all dispute.  See Gal. 3:15 where Paul compares this legal term to the New Covenant that cannot be added to or deducted from.

When Dr. Luke uses the word “proskartereo” referring to their devoting themselves continually to the Apostles Doctrine, fellowship, breaking of bread and in prayers (Acts 2:42), he used an expression found in Romans 13:6 where authorities are to focus constantly on their divinely given tasks.  Putting the thoughts expressed in Holy Writ together, we know that Acts 2:42-47 is a comprehensive overview of the first congregation’s response to the word of the Apostles, They found great favor and joy in the sight of God the Father and The Lord Messiah.  If God accepted them in that confirmed covenant relationship, then He accepts us in the same.  If Wilson were an Apostolic Covenant preacher, he would be content with preaching it the way it is written and command people to obey it the way it is written and allow God to judge them to heaven or hell upon that apostolic covenant relationship.  The Old Covenant was national, the New is individual.  God imputes His righteousness to any child of Abraham, who becomes such in regard to his willingness as a sinners to accept and continue in that covenant.  God knows the covenant man’s heart, and for another, (be he a preacher or discipler) to stand in judgment of this perfection or righteousness that God metes out in that covenant relationship is to tread upon the holy ground of God’s throne, even demons would dread to dare.


I also left with the realization that victory had been won in The Logos rationale (which Wilson is hopelessly destitute of) and Christian academics because when people are losing they get emotional.  Had they stones in their hands and permission from their cultic priest they would have thrown them at me as they did Stephen long ago.  When emotion encounters truth it either bows or explodes with rage.  Wilson did not score one point, but his cheerleaders tried to put Humpty Dumpty back together again.  My consolation is that in the history of contests, cheerleaders have never put one point on the board.


I debated atheist and evolutionist Karl Fezer (PhD. Cornell U.) on campus at Concord College, Christian Humanist, Garret Olmsted (PhD. Harvard U.) Ramada Inn Ball Room, Princeton, W.Va., Dr. James Jordan, (Westminster Theological Seminary), a leading Calvinist scholar, and later, Andrew Sandlin, the successor to R.J. Rushdooney’s Calvinism ministry The Chalcedon Foundation, in the Mt. View auditorium.  I engaged in panel discussions with Seventh Day scholars in Romney, W.Va, and Charismatics in Inwood, W.Va, a Jehovah’s Witness scholar in Middletown Va., a Roman Catholic apologist at Camp Seven Prison, White Post Va., and in an intensive seven night study on The Godhead to bring an Egyptian woman out of the Muslim religion; but never have I encountered such emotionally blind defiance and outright bigotry as was exhibited by the perfectionist cult crowd in Columbus.


The previous debates and discussions had been transcribed, word for word through the painstaking efforts of John C. Doughty.  It is true that there were many tense moments as we squared off on either side of the debate issues, and at times there were some strong judgments, yet the crowd and participants were composed, restrained, and considerate.  I did expect some disorderly conduct at these debates, but except for the Seventh Day-ers attempts to pull down our uplifted hands as we praised God for John’s insight into the 2 Corinthians 3 passage, all were conducted with decent civil conduct and Christ like order.  Yet, the one thing they all had in common is they were all outside of our Restoration heritage.  None of them had obeyed the Gospel plan of salvation and I expected, for this reason an attitude of unchristian rudeness.  You can imagine my surprise when I discovered those outside of the blood covenant to be gentlemanly, honest and respectful of truth.  You can also imagine my astonishment at the attitude of what I expected to be brothers and sisters in Restoration turning out to be Exhibit A Monsters of how opponents should not act in public.  As far as Wilson’s attempt at being a theologian, in terms of atonement, redemption, reconciliation, mediation, propitiation, imputation and sanctification, there is more Scriptural integrity along these lines in The Seventh Day Cult than in his.  To his credit, he sounds more like my Jehovah Witness friend in regard to The Logos Controversy, but not at all as honest in regard to the proposal and reaction to truth.


I realized, my biggest assignment would be to bring Wilson to judgment.  If he could answer my indictments, I was willing to work with him.  But his refusal to recant the Adoptionist’s theory, his ignorance of the Logos-Monogenes fact and his refusal to apologize to Dr. Smith, Kevin Yeager, Tom Tybeck and others made me abundantly aware of the fact that this man must be disciplined.  I realized this is not just a debate, it is a church trial.  Wilson has no Elders.  The Elders who ordained him have disowned him.  He is without credentials.  He has no right to cut bodies.  He is an unlicensed surgeon.  Many are dying.  If I did not seize the moment, this opponent of imputed righteousness would leave verbally and judicially un-judged by an evangelist who is given such authority.  It could have been another and that would be fine, but God laid the mandate upon the Evangelist of the Timothy-Titus persuasion, and it happened to be me that evening.  One of the most tragic events I have witnessed in my life came at the end of the debate.  I approached Wilson with the fact that he called those at the Lisbon panel discussion “a bunch of idiots.”  He adamantly denied that he said such a thing.  One does not have to know Wilson long to discover that he says, “I did not mean that,” “I did not say that,” “You misunderstood me,” or “That’s not what I meant.”


And so the burden is put on anyone who knows him to prove he is the false teacher those of us have found him to be.  The average person simply does not test The Spirits and search the things he writes and says.  So Jeff Wickert searched my file and said, “here it is.”  Sure enough, it was word for word.  First, Wilson harangues the Lisbon people for incompetence; he calls them a bunch of idiots and then says their work is not worthy of republishing.  In other words, folks, take my word for it, you do not need to hear anyone else.


“We at Bozeman

Think it really must be so,

For Wilson, who ought to know,

Simply tells us it is so”


So I told Wilson, “You owe Kevin Yeager an apology” (Yeager consulted with Dr. Donald Nash, and others for that panel discussion).  Wilson replied, “It will never happen!”  And the man is in danger of the hellfire, who calls another man a fool (equivalent to the word “idiot”).  Vernon Russell, Jeff Wickert, and Charles Williams were witnesses to this incident. (Read Mt. 5:22)  What amazes me is the way Wilson repays hatred to those who love him and the way he slaps those of us in the face who entertain and reach out to him.  (Editorial note-I realize this vitriolic is strong, but I am answering fire with fire.).



Although I was well aware of Wilson’s many errors, and I reviewed those errors in detail in the l00 page Debate Section of the nearly 400 page book Christian Perfection, yet I was hoping and praying that Wilson would show evidence of repentance in the areas of The Eternally Begotten Son, The Law of Sin, The Glorified Body, and Christ as Mediator in I John 3.  But he used the word “begotteness” in his speech, and in his question-answer session flip flopped on whether perfection was “telios” or absolute as The Father is perfect.  He still does not understand imputed righteousness from God The Father, and relative perfection on the part of God’s children who are under the blood covenant of that righteousness.  I realized that Wilson must not escape this trial without a verdict on these life and death doctrines of The New Covenant.

I found that critical moment in the question/answer session.  The question was about when do you reach perfection?  I addressed it for a minute than spoke of a church

reaching for perfection in Scripture.  A church ought to at least have Elders if it is a church of Christ.  I told Wilson that since he did not have Elders he did not have a church of Christ.  I understand it takes a few years before we can ordain Elders, but after 25 years of teaching men, Wilson’s case is inexcusable.  And what is ironic is that he has taught men they are to be absolutely perfect as The Father in Heaven is perfect, and yet not good enough for him to be an Elder.  By this same logic then, even God could not be an Elder in Wilson’s church.

I told him likewise that I could make him accountable to me for that reason.  And I then said that I would ask all congregations of The Faith he hates so much anyway, to shut their doors to him, hereafter.  This made it a watershed moment.  Since it became a church trail, Wilson has the burden of either answering my charges or the congregations should take it serious.  I will spend the next year following these charges up through letter writing, editorials, and a trip to Montana in August to finish it up and attempt to counter his network since he cannot win souls, he can only kill the saints of another man’s work.

We are obligated to counter this false doctrine, especially with print.  Since he is such a poor communicator, he must rely upon print to get his message out.  Now, we will answer him in print. Since he can only muster, 90 or so people after 25 years of preaching, it is obvious he will never have much of a home base.  His people have never heard the other side, and he shelters them from both the teachings of the true Gospel and from fellowship of sister congregations.  It is good to know that we can carry this debate further and get it in print to those who suffer under such cultic bondage.  We must remember, they cannot evangelize, they can only sponge off others.  They are parasites.  If the churches of The Restoration died off tomorrow (the churches he hates so bitterly) the Wilson cult would die with them.  When the body dies, so does the parasite.

The debate to me was also surgery.  There are souls I know that may have to be cut out of the congregations, for in their will worship, they are not holding to the Head.  If they are not isolated they try to invade the body of Christ with their spiritual darkness in much the same way the deadly AIDS virus invades the physical body.  Once it enters the body and presents itself to the macrophage cells it masquerades as a friendly virus.  The macrophage cells are like airport security.  It is their job to detect terrorists.  If they can get through undetected, they can destroy the airplane.  If Wilson’s disciples get into the body, secretively, without the knowledge of the evangelist and pastors, they can split and destroy.  They make a big deal of the preacher not preaching the glory, rebaptizing those who have not heard the glory, (who ever heard of such nonsense from reading The New Testament?) or who were immersed at a young age.  They think no one will ever qualify as an elder if he lived to be l000 years old.  “They really have an agenda,” says Beth Guthridge after hearing them speak.

So, when the macrophage cells notify the Helper B cells, whose job it is to assist and even multiply the invading viruses, they in fact, help produce the poison that cripples the immune system and destroys the body.  This is exactly the way the perfectionist cult operates and until Jan. 8, they were not isolated, nor were they exposed.  Now it is our job to quarantine them.  If uninformed souls wish to pick up this Christ-less virus after it has been exposed, and continue to be bed fellows of the advocates of perfectionism without eternally imputed righteousness in the blood covenant atonement of Jesus Christ, then they are as Paul said of pagans, “without excuse”, and have no one to blame but themselves.

In the Post Apostolic church there arose a false teacher of the Alexandrian school, Origen by name who held to the same Christologic views as I debated in Columbus.  Origen’s views were adopted by a guy named Arius. Now you know the rest of the story.  Several dedicated Brotherhood leaders told me not to debate Wilson.  They said he is so driven by ego to get some kind of platform in a growing congregation among our thinkers that he would downgrade the quality of excellence we strive for.  But I wanted the debate because in the past 20 years we are seeing an encroachment being made upon the Christian doctrines we have taken for granted, and it comes from those who have not paid attention to the true message of King Messiah.  While we have slept, and worse yet, while we have taken for granted that our people our adequately trained in the doctrines of imputed righteousness, on going sanctification, relevant perfection and covenant, blood atonement, the Devil sows seeds of human attainment in self righteousness, masquerading all the while as being a teacher of God’s grace and overcoming faith.

Granted, Wilson reaches a  small group of people; but we should leave the 99 to reach out to one lamb that is being led astray by the hireling, who enters through some other door than Christ’s, or is in danger of being raped by the same.  Sidney Rigdon was also considered by the intellectuals of The Campbell-Scott circle as being a cultic misfit, not worthy of much notice, and after Thomas Campbell exposed his fallacies and rebuked his desire for a colony, communal church, Rigdon left them, swearing he would wreck his vengeance on The Restoration.  While they were right in their assessment of Rigdon, they were wrong in not prosecuting the Campbell conclusions of Rigdon’s heresy to the end.  This they did not do.  Rigdon was beneath their dignity.  But, he joined up with a devil from Palmyra New York, and you know the rest of that story also.

While I have come to see Wilson in the exact light of a modern day Arius, via Origen, and I do not like what I see, yet, God being my witness, it has never been beneath my dignity to fight false doctrine, and especially any doctrine that deducts from Christ’s imputed righteousness and distracts people from His mediatorial reign through His Blood Covenant.

Wilson wanted the center stage desperately, and he got it.  But as one former disciple of his said, “Columbus was his pinnacle from here it will be down hill.”  It will take a little time, but the news is out.  The elders with Danny Vanscoy and Vernon Russell are enraged at Wilson’s behavior and hatred of Restoration churches.  Those rational souls at the debate said they never witnessed such a mad man, masquerading as an absolutely perfect saint in just four days since the debate; five congregations have contacted us concerning the severing of all ties with Wilson, and disfellowshipping his disciples.

From his objection to the debate proposition, (which he agreed to in E-mail, and as it appeared exactly in The Restoration Herald) to his denial of everything he had either said or printed, including calling people “idiots,” Wilson spent the whole evening on the ropes, swinging wildly, not landing a blow, but receiving indictments that will, unless he repents, be brought back in judgment.  My sword is of the Spirit.  Christ’s sword is in His mouth.  A big difference!  The trial was preliminary to this.

As I look back, I can think of three wild punches I threw.  I humbly confess and plead guilty to them, but realizing my infirmities I do not know that I will ever fight an absolutely perfect fight this side of the ingathering.  First, I said, “The body was made for sin,” and I tried to qualify that statement.  Certainly God did not make the body to sin.  We programmed our body and made it that way ourselves when we first sinned.  There is no difference between our first sin and that of Adam, even if it is not after the similitude of his exact sin (for there are many ways to sin), and as James said, “We offend in many ways.”  The same consequences go to work immediately, when the law of sin and death go to work.  We also lose our innocence by learning as gods, good and evil.  Only God can handle such knowledge.  It is too great a knowledge for any anthropoid to handle.  The power of that law will never be broken until resurrection.  Even when the sinner is resurrected and given an asbestos-sized body to burn forever, the power of the body of sin will be broken.  Sin will then be confined only to his lusts, passions, and imaginations of the flesh.  The law of sin and death continue in this manner.  He certainly will not have a bottle of brandy, or a partner of adultery to feed the sensual body in Hell.  But I should have added that we made, or build the program of sin into our bodies.  The Wilson crowd made light of my statement, but it is possible for this law of sin to go into affect in young people as early as 5 or 6 years old.  Jesus invited little ones to come to Him.  So should we. I do not know the age of the law of sin and accountability; and certainly infant baptism is a joke; but to wait as Wilson does until 19 or 20 years of age is to have blood on our hands.  I heard a 6-year-old boy pray a prayer of such beauty and import that you would think that Lois and Eunice were his mother and grandmother.  I also do not know the age that The Holy Spirit may call a mature, family man into the Eldership, but I will not withstand him with my human opinions when He does.  But I do want to confess to a punch that was not thrown accurately.  I should have said we made our own body of sin; God did not create us thus.  Thank God for the resurrection around the next corner. It will all be reversed.

Secondly, I implied the anastasias-only resurrection to Jesus Christ; but I knew that he arose both in an anastasias and ergiro sense.  Anastasis and ergiro are both used of Christ’s resurrection, because He arose both physically “bodily” and most certainly affectionately although both words connotate resurrection, anastasis pictures the physical more than ergiro.

Thirdly, because of the Eph. 4:11 verse, I knew Wilson’s cult was not a church of Christ because he did not have Elders.  Christ gave to the church, “….Evangelists, Pastors, Teachers..” and Christ did not give him any.  Maybe Wilson will go out and find a couple of hand picked men, just to prove something, but it will not be the charis-gift of Christ.  If it were the men would fire him their first day in oversight.

Meanwhile, Wilson goes on telling us we get everything in our baptismal resurrection.  He is just like those who deceive and over throw the faith of many, (in this explanation of the resurrected life “ergiro,”)  “They say the resurrection has already taken place” (2 Tim. 2:18).  Of course, Wilson will say this in his writings and tapes sometimes, and then when pressed on it, he flip flops and says, “No I didn’t.”  This Clintonian utilitarianism of justifying the end with the means, (no matter how evil or deceptive they may be) in order to achieve the selfish end is Wilson’s whole philosophy.

Oh Yes, I love his soul, but this love does not rejoice in his iniquity.  Iniquity means no respect for law and principle.  If there is a man who twists Scriptures unto damnable ends more skillfully than Wilson, I have not met nor heard of him yet.

Wilson’s formula of baptism may be thus-“Go into the world and teach other churches’ converts, he that believeth and is immersed in the Name of Jesus Christ, by the authority of The Father, Son and Holy Spirit, and then is re-immersed by Wilson into the Gospel of glory for absolute sinlessness shall be saved, the unbeliever shall be condemned by His cult.”

May I add.  If you have been re-immersed into this cult ideology do not flatter yourself.  If you complied with Acts 2:38, you received the Holy Spirit, which helps you pray, bring fruition in life, aids you in your infirmities, and presents your condition and state before the spotless throne of your intercessor.  But, one of the most pronounced purposes of The Spirit is that of being a pledge, or seal of a final, resurrected body.  If you were re-immersed into the Gospel of glorious perfection then you forfeit that pledge of The Spirit.  You no longer need the Holy Spirit as a down payment on a glorified body.  In Wilson’s own words, “You are already glorified!”  The Holy Spirit can tell you “good by” in this area, “You no longer need me.”  Don’t feel sorry for Esau.

I conclude, that from the outset of the debate our team strategy was to register the 10 indictments against Wilson’s spirit of false doctrine, and then hold him accountable for failing to pass the test of the fair trial.  That is what we went to Columbus to do, and that is what we did.  No one, including he himself, knows exactly what Wilson believes and teaches, and we had hoped the real Jay Wilson would stand up and fight upon those principles or convictions he could defend from Scripture. That person thus defined, never showed up, January 8, AD 2002.

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