Duane T. Gish, PhD



Dr. Gish (1921-2013) was the premier defender of scientific creationism having participated in almost 300 debates in colleges and universities around the world.  His Ph. D. was in Biochemistry from U. Cal - Berkeley and he worked 18 years in biochemical research at the Cornell Univ. Medical College, the Virus Laboratory, U. Cal-Berkeley, and the Upjohn Company. During this time he collaborated in research and coauthored several technical publications with two Nobel prizewinners, Wendell Stanley and Vincent du Vigneaud. In 1971 he became Vice President of the Institute for Creation Research  in San Diego, CA, teaming with Henry M. Morris to establish a full time creation research organization and graduate school.  Gish travelled and lectured extensively around the world and he debated several notable evolutionists such as Russell Doolittle, Ashley Montagu, Sidney Fox, and Isaac Asimov, as well as celebrities Phil Donahue and Madalyn Murray O'Hair. His debates in Virginia include the University of Virginia, a nationally televised debate at Liberty University (Doolittle) reported by The Washington Post, two at George Mason University with Michael Emsley, one versus VA Tech Prof. Richard Bombach in Roanoke, one with Vincent Sarich at James Madison University, and two held at the Church of Christ at Mountain View in Winchester sponsored by Christian Kingdom College.



Audio recordings of Dr Gish's Lectures and Debates

Learn about evolutionists' claims, fossil record, so called beneficial mutations, complexity of biological systems and life, and ultimately about the super intelligent designer and His design.

Creation Evolution Debate, 05/20/1999

This Debate between Dr Gish and Dr Pigliucci compares diametrically opposing views on origin, age, and purpose of the world around us. The debate is centered around the scientific data and reasoning, such as Thermodynamics, Molecular Biology, Anthropology, Fossil Record, etc.