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About Ben Alexander

About Ben Alexander

Mr. Alexander has one of the most unique backgrounds we have ever seen. He was born in England and raised Jewish, then as he became a man, he became involved in spiritualism. Spiritualism is the practice of conducting seances and trying to contact the dead. The people involved in this do not think they are worshipping the Devil, they think they are worshipping God, and trying to find proof of life after death.

Mr. Alexander got out of spiritualism when he came to America, sometime in the 1960’s, and he joined the Charismatic Movement, and spent 5 years, attempting to practise the so-called “Charismatic gifts.” He met up with a preacher of New Testament Christianity, and to this day is a preacher of the New Testament gospel. Though he is firmly dedicated to the New Testament position, he is often invited even into the denominational community to give his personal testimony.


Ben Alexander

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